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fire peppers


hot peppers chili peppers
hot peppers peppers
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Giclée spicy
Red Pepper peppers

"Fire Peppers" is a fine art photograph of a variety of hot peppers locally grown at a farmers market. I took many photos at the farmers market and bought a variety of Jalapeno peppers, hot peppers, vegetables and other produce from the vendors to take home to photograph in the studio. Many of the Hmong families selling their produce were very nice to me giving me their best vegetables for me to shoot.

The frame is actually part of the photograph, many times objects extend outside of and over the frame. The Giclee photographs are laminated for protection, mounted on pvc substrate material and cutout to a unique shape by a computer guided router. Each print has a hanging tab and is signed on the back by the artist.

It would be perfect to hang as a work of art in a kitchen, dining room, office or restaurant. This would also make a great present for anyone who enjoys spicy hot food. Contact the artist to purchase a print.

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